Hempfield Area Soccer Club

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Indoor Leagues and Tournaments

HASC does not directly sponsor indoor teams, but many of our teams participate in indoor leagues or tournaments.  See below for more information.

Hempfield Rec

Hempfield Parks & Rec sponsors two indoor seasons, running in Nov/Dec (Season 1) and Jan/Feb (Season 2).  A given league will typically play its games at the same time of the week (e.g. Sunday afternoon, Friday evening, etc.).  Teams play about 6 regular season games and then there is a one or two game playoff at the end.  Registration for 2016 opens Monday, October 3 (for both seasons) - some leagues fill quickly, so make sure you sign up if you are interested!

See here for more details: http://www.hempfieldtwp.com/parks/default.aspx

Also see p. 14 in the Fall 2016 Headlining Hempfield: http://www.hempfieldtwp.com/news-events/downloads/headlining-hempfield-2016/headlining-hempfield-fall-2016.pdf

For getting a school gym for practice, submit the form from the district website to the relevant school: http://www.hasdpa.net/Page/9193

It takes a couple weeks to get the paperwork processed and they will charge for usage, but it should be a small amount as HASC is a nonprofit and a Hempfield organization.

Area Futsal (Indoor) Leagues

Penn West Tournaments