Hempfield Area Soccer Club

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Nominations are open for new executive board members (President, Vice-President, Treasurer, and Secretary). Nominations are due Oct. 1. 

Jeremy, Jim, and Dan have put in a tremendous amount of work the past 4 years getting the club up and running, and it's time for some new parents to contribute to moving the club forward.  Send your nominations to Jeremy Wolfe or Dan Mapes.  Nominations are welcome for at-large board members as well - there are many jobs that need filled, such as scheduling, marketing & communications, etc.  We need your time, skills, and effort!!

Club Officers

  • Jeremy Wolfe  President (j[email protected])
  • Jim Jones        Vice-President                                                    
  •                         Treasurer                          
  • Dan Mapes      Secretary                                                      
  • Mike Sierk        Field Scheduler                                                    
  • Jerry Radebaugh 
  • Bill Jones                                                            
  • Jody Madden                                                     
  • Dan Anderson