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Hempfield Soccer Roadmap

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          Players begin their soccer playing careers in Hempfield (and surrounding areas) playing in the recreational in-house leagues run by Hempfield Township Parks and Rec.  This is where players learn the basics of the game.  The program is focused on developing fundamentals while having fun and making friends. 

           In the summer prior to their U9 (and U10) season, players may choose to attend an evaluation/tryout for Hempfield Area Soccer Club's competitive travel teams.  Those players selected for these teams will play in the competitive leagues of PA West.  Those not selected for these first competitive teams will continue playing in the developmental in-house league of Hempfield Parks and Rec. 

          Beginning in their U11 year, players will no longer have In-house soccer available to them.  All players will register with Hempfield Area Soccer Club.  Players will be placed onto teams either in the PA West competitive leagues or in the developmental EAGLES league based on their current level of ability and developmental needs. 

          When players enter 7th grade, their teams with the Hempfield Area Soccer Club will be based on their school team.  A player's youth soccer career ends in the spring of their senior year of high school.

Hempfield soccer FAQ

When is the soccer season?

While there are opportunities to play soccer year round in Hempfield, the typical seasons are a fall season in September/October and a spring season in April/May.  In addition, there are opportunities for indoor play, camps, clinics, tournaments, trainings, ect throughout the year.  School teams have their season in the fall.


What is “in-house” soccer?

In-house refers to a league or program that is conducted within one community.  Players U5-U10 all have in-house recreational/developmental programs available to them in Hempfield Township through the Parks and Rec department.  This is where most players start their careers.


What is “travel” soccer?

Travel soccer is a more competitive level of play that is first available to players beginning in their U9 season.  Travel soccer will, of course, involve playing teams from neighboring communities.  The “travel” designation in soccer should not be confused with other sports where a “travel” team implies a significant time and money commitment from families.


What is “Cup” or “Classic” soccer?

Cup Soccer is the highest level of competitive play for youth players.  These teams are usually regional teams made up of players from multiple communities.  There is not a “Cup” program run by Hempfield Parks and Rec or Hempfield Area Soccer Club.  There are, however, many cup teams in our area for interested players, such as Beadling, Riverhounds, and Century.


How do I know where my kid should play?

Attached to this FAQ is a document titled “Hempfield Soccer Roadmap.”  This will guide you to the proper program for your youth soccer player.  The administrators of these programs will ensure that your child is placed on a team that meets their developmental level. 


Should my child be on a competitive travel team or in a developmental program?

Hempfield Area Soccer Club is the organization that fields the competitive travel teams in Hempfield.  They will determine the appropriate team for all registered participants based on their ability and developmental needs.  For younger players, evaluation/try-out sessions will be held to identify the appropriate players.  As the players get older, their play in previous seasons will be considered as well.


My child was not selected for a competitive team.  Should they quit playing soccer?

No.  This simply means they will benefit more developmentally from playing with and against players that match their ability.  There is a team for everyone in Hempfield.


My child was not selected for a competitive team.  How do I appeal or protest this decision?

There is no appeal or protest process for the selection of competitive teams.  There should be no stigmatization involved with this process either.  Youth players should have fun and try their best regardless of their assigned team.


How much does soccer cost?

In-house soccer costs between $45 and $65/season depending on age.  Travel soccer through HASC costs $120/season for all ages and competition level.  There is no cost to participate the scholastic programs.  Activities outside the regular season such as camps or tournaments will have additional costs.


Does my child have to participate in every camp and tournament if they are on a competitive team?

No.  Players on competitive teams are expected to attend 2 team practices per week and the games on the team’s league schedule.  Beyond this, activities should be considered optional.  Players should participate in the activities that they enjoy without feeling an obligation or “burn-out” from too much too young.


My child wants to play on a cup team.  Can they still play with HASC?

Yes!  Advanced players are encouraged to seek advanced opportunities through cup programs.  Most of these teams will want players to continue playing with their friends on their local teams.  HASC coaches and teams will work with you to give your child opportunities to play with both teams. 

I’m not happy with my child’s coach.  What should I do?

Hempfield Parks and Rec and Hempfield Area Soccer Club’s soccer programs are run with entirely volunteer coaches.  If you are unhappy with the quality of coaching that your child is receiving, you are welcome to become a volunteer coach as well.  Another option would be to choose a cup program where there are professional coaches hired to teach the kids.


Can my child play “up?” (above their age group)

No.  Hempfield soccer will only put players on teams outside their age group when there are not enough players to field complete teams.


Will my child’s team be coed?

Developmental programs in Hempfield are generally coed.  Competitive and scholastic teams are not.

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