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Play-Practice-Play Format

Play-Practice-Play Sample Training Session


In this practice format, you will choose a specific central concept (dribbling, using space, shooting, protecting the goal, support/cover, ect)  and teach it in one phase of the game (attacking, defending, transitions).

-20) First Play Phase – As the team members arrive, you add them to small sided (2v2 or 3v3) games on smaller fields.  Your fields can be marked off by cones with Pugg goals, cone goals, or any other available item to create a goal for the players.  During this phase, you should allow players to play with little instruction.  Begin using positive feedback to introduce the concept you plan to teach during the training session.  Stop the play once to gather your team and ask guided questions about your central concept. 

-40) Practice Phase – During this phase, have your team participate in a repetitive game-like activity that focuses on the central concept that you are attempting to teach in your training session.  You should have variations to your core activity planned to add or reduce the difficulty as needed.  During this phase, you should continue to provide positive feedback and ask guided questions to reinforce the central concept.  Continue to avoid too much instruction.  Allow players to work through the challenges of activity on their own.  When players struggle, ask them to think about what they could do differently.

-60) Second Play Phase – Have your team play in large(r) sided game play on a bigger (or full sized field).  Continue to reinforce the central concept of the training session through positive feedback and guided questions.  This is the time where you see how effective your first two phases were in teaching your central concept.  Stop the play as needed to ask questions and refocus your team on the focus of the playing session.

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