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U5/U6 Drills and Games

Sharks and Minnows / Zombies 

Hit the coach / Magic cone

Hungry Hungry hippos

Freeze Tag / Police Man / Soccer Tag

Clean Your Room / Pirate Ship

Knockout / Marbles

Running Shots / Rodeo Race

Set-up:  Players in 2 lines on either side of the goal facing toward the field.  Each line has a cone about 10 years into the field.  The coach(es) have all the balls near the goal.  

Execution:  Coach blows a whistle to signal the first player in each line to go.  The players race out around their cone and back toward the goal.  As the players approach, the coach(es) roll a ball to each player.  The players get the ball under control and kick them into the goal.  

Coaching Points: 

-Get the ball under control.  (give harder passes to more advanced players)  

-Hard shots with the instep (bend your knee, don't use your toe)

-Introduce competition (race against opponent)

3 Goal Soccer / Triangle Drill

Set-up:  Arrange 3 pugg goals in a large triangle. Players are put in lines behind the 3 goals.  Coaches have the balls off to the side away from the play area.

Execution:  Each round is started by the coach playing a ball into the center of the triangle.  1 player from each goal competes to score the ball in either of the other 2 goals.

Coaching Points:

-Find open space with the ball

-Get between the ball and the goal while defending

-Tackling techniques

Relay Races

Set-up:  Arrange the players into groups of 3 or 4 with each group in a single file line with an out-and-back course marked by a single cone.

Execution:  Players race to complete their turn on the course using whatever method the coach assigns for each race (tic-tocs, left foot only, right foot only, soles only, ect)

Coaching Points:  

-Control the ball

-Try to build speed

-Introduce playful competitiveness

Crossfire / The Gauntlet

Set-up:  Make 2 lines of cones approximately 5 yards wide forming a channel or "gauntlet."  Divide the players into two teams.  One team lines the outside of the channel.  The other prepares to run the gauntlet. 


Execution:  On the coaches signal, players run down the channel attempting to make it to the other end.  The other team uses good passing technique to attempt to hit the running players.  After a couple rounds, the teams switch places.

Coaching Points:

-Passing with the side of the foot

-Leading your target

The cat in the hat

Set up:  Players are lined up on the end line on both sides of the goal.  10-15 balls are placed randomly throughout the playing field.  Explain to players that the balls are a "mess" and need to be "cleaned up" (put in the goal).  But, that the "cats" want to keep the room messy and will kick the balls away when they try to clean up.  Select 2 players to be the "cats."

Execution:  On the coach's signal, the players attempt to get all of the balls into the goal while the "cats" attempt to steal the balls and kick them away.  After each round, select 2 new cats.

Coaching Points:

-Dribble around defenders

-Defenders pressure the ball (don't stand next to the goal)

-Defenders clear the ball away from their end.

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