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U10 Coaching resources

Age Group Guidelines

Link to Required Clearances  
If you are coaching U10 through Hempfield Parks and Rec, they can assist you with completing these clearances.  However, they can also be completed on your own at no charge.  The same three clearances are needed for both Hempfield Parks and Rec and HASC travel teams in PA West.  They can be found on the linked page under "How to Obtain the Required Documents."  
If you are coaching a U9 or U10 travel team for HASC under PA West, you must complete the clearances and upload them into their system.  The instructions for how to do this can be found on the same page.  

Link to Age Appropriate National Coaching License
If you are coaching a U10 travel team for the Hempfield Area Soccer Club, you are required to have completed the Grassroots 7v7 coaching license through US Soccer.  The club will reimburse you for the fees associated with acquiring this license.  If you are coaching a recreational U10 team for Hempfield Parks and Rec, you do not need to have a coaching license.  However, it would still benefit you to acquire your 7v7 national coaching license.
Recommended Practice Style  At this age, the players are likely still learning the fundamentals and concepts of the game.  Therefore, the concept based format is probably best.  More advanced teams may be ready for a version of play-practice-play.

Recommended Formation  For the 7v7 game, a 2-2-2 or 3-1-2 formation is recommended.  

Drills and Games for Practices

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